New Device for Patients at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

For patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, a new defibrillator is like the standby ambulance and medical team they need when their hearts abruptly stop. Treatment within minutes is the critical difference between life and death. Orlando Health Heart Institute is the first in Florida to offer the advanced technology designed for patients unable to receive a traditional defibrillator. Pavel Guguchev, MD, and Roland Filart, MD, implanted the first device in the state on December 3.
The new defibrillator, the Boston Scientific S-ICD® System, is implanted just beneath the skin, leaving the heart and blood vessels untouched. When sudden cardiac arrest is detected, the device delivers a shock to the heart to stop the abnormal heart rhythm, reset the rhythm, and restore normal blood flow through the body. The device is less invasive than traditional defibrillators that are placed deeper inside the body along with wires inserted directly inside the heart. More here.


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