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Always look on the bright side of life

People with a sunny disposition are less likely to have high cholesterol, new research suggests.
Middle-aged optimists were found to have better levels of 'good' cholesterol, which has a protective effect on the heart and helps cancel out 'bad' cholesterol.
They also had lower levels of triglycerides, the fatty molecules involved in hardening of the arteries, said the researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health.
They analysed data from the Midlife in the United States study, which included phone interviews and lab tests for 990 people aged 40 to 70.
Based on the interviews, participants' levels of optimism were rated on a scale from 6 to 30 depending on their agreement or disagreement with statements such as 'in uncertain times I usually expect the best', and so on. 
People with higher optimism scores also had more high-density lipoprotein (HDL) - the desirable form of cholesterol that is believed to protect against heart disease.
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